A beautiful unplugged wedding at Roma Street Parklands

A beautiful unplugged wedding at Roma Street Parklands

With Celebrant Cara Hodge of Brisbane City Celebrants

I first met with Aimi and Greg over the Christmas holidays, they wisely decided to use the Christmas break to plan their wedding and lock in all their chosen suppliers for their special day. I could see from the moment I met them what a sweet couple they were and I had no doubt what an adorable bride and groom they would make.

Before the day arrived, I contacted Aimi to confirm the details of the ceremony and we also discussed what announcements they would like me to make prior to the ceremony commencing.  In addition to advising the guests about the details of the reception, Aimi also advised that they would like me to request that guests don’t take any photos during the ceremony, this is also referred to as an ‘unplugged wedding ceremony’.

Aimi and Greg loved having an unplugged wedding at Roma Street Parklands

Aimi and Greg loved having an unplugged wedding at Roma Street Parklands. Image kindly supplied by Naomi V Photography

Aimi explained that she didn’t want photos of the guests at the ceremony with their faces and expressions hidden behind cameras, plus she had organised a professional photographer, Naomi from Naomi V Photography with a 2nd shooter to come along and capture the day so they were confident that between the 2 photographers they would capture everything and more!

As requested I added an announcement to be read prior to the ceremony asking guests to kindly put down their cameras and phones and encouraging them to relax and enjoy the ceremony without the distraction of technology.  Aimi confirmed that she loved the wording I had added as it really captured the purpose of the message.

When I arrived at the Palm Tree Court wedding ceremony site at Roma Street Parklands, the wedding ceremony decorators were just finishing setting up and they did a wonderful job with an all white ceremony arch with draping and matching chairs.

Right on cue the clouds parted revealing the most perfect clear blue sky, I have no doubt at that very moment the bride and groom would have had smiles beaming across their faces as they finished getting ready in their respective hotel rooms.

The combination of the gorgeous August day, the breath taking ceremony site at the parklands and the beautiful ceremony decor added to the excitement of each guest as they arrived.

Once the guests were seated and the groomsmen were in their places, I made the pre-wedding announcements including the request for guests to kindly place their cameras and phones down, I joked that the penalty for guests taking photos during the ceremony was that they would have to pick up the bar tab later! Obligingly there was not a face hidden behind a camera in site, well, except for the 2nd shooter who the cheeky groom Greg jokingly tried to make accountable for the bar tab hehe!

The beautiful bride arrived with her super cute 6 year old little sister and her glamorous mother dressed in purple as her bridal party, what an absolutely gorgeous bond the 3 of them must have to be chosen to be in her bridal party.

The couple were full of happiness throughout their meaningful and sweet ceremony and plenty of happy tears didn’t go a miss with most of the bridal party needing tissues too!

Roma Street Parklands Wedding. Image kindly provided by Naomi V Photography

Roma Street Parklands Wedding. Image kindly provided by Naomi V Photography

I believe they made a great decision having an unplugged wedding ceremony as it’s too easy for guests to unintentionally disengage from the ceremony, the emotions and the words that have been carefully chosen by the couple if they are preoccupied with snapping away, composing their images, zooming in and out and weaving their cameras between the iPhones held in the air to get another shot.

The tissues that were being passed around the guests seating to capture the happy tears from this wedding tell me that the guests really were truly present and able to connect with the happiness of the bride and groom during this ceremony.

I believe that going forward we will see more and more couples choosing to have an unplugged wedding ceremony to allow guests to really focus on enjoying the ceremony and to feel how special it really is.

Congratulations Aimi and Greg on a truly beautiful wedding!

Cara Hodge, Authorised Celebrant, Brisbane City Celebrants x

Palm Tree Court Roma Street Parklands Wedding. Image kindly provided by Naomi V Photography

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