Animal loving Celebrants bring Christmas cheer to the RSPCA

With Brisbane City Celebrants

As most of our clients know we are animal loving Celebrants and we get so excited when our couples bring their beloved pet along to the ceremony, usually as the ring bearer. After such an amazing year the Brisbane City Celebrants duo decided that this Christmas more than anything we really wanted to ‘give back’.

We contacted our local RSPCA in Wacol who provided us with their Christmas ‘Wish List’ which included a variety of household goods, cleaning products and of course pet toys, harnesses and treats!

We spent the weeks leading up to Christmas working though our wish list checking off items until we had an abundance of pet goodies! Plus some tasty sweet treats for the hard working caring RSPCA volunteers who give so much time, love and companionship for the animals in their care.

On Christmas Eve we arrived at the RSPCA with our hamper of goodies where we were excited to be greeted by our names etched in the entry pavers in recognition of our previous support to RSPCA QLD.

Animal Loving Celebrants Ciara and Jamie with a special Christmas delivery for the RSPCARSPCA Pavers

We were welcomed by some very thankful volunteers and after handing over our hamper they invited us to have a wonder around the facility which we eagerly accepted.

Animal Loving Celebrants Ciara and Jamie with a special Christmas delivery for the RSPCA

Animal Loving Celebrants Cara and Jamie with a special Christmas delivery for the RSPCA

With an ‘only child’ type cat who is a former RSPCA resident, and two rescue dogs we already have a full house so unfortunately we aren’t in the market for adopting any more fur babies, however that didn’t stop us falling for many of the puppy dog eyes that stared back at us.

Jamie had a big soft spot for a ginger adult cat who greeted him with a ‘Meow’ and continued to appear to converse with him, responding to his chatter at regular intervals with several more ‘Meows’.

I was particularly taken by the highly entertaining kittens, especially the playful little fella that climbed right to the top of the netting, enticing his buddies to follow suite.

RSPCA kittens

If you are thinking of getting a pet, we highly recommend getting a rescue animal. The love they have to show you for giving them a better life is truly infinite!

Thank you for reading and letting us share our love for animals with you. If you are getting married in Brisbane and you love the idea of including your pet in your ceremony and are looking for a Celebrant that loves animals and will embrace your love for your fur or feathered friend, we would LOVE to hear from you! Contact Brisbane City Celebrants.