Going above and beyond

Going above and beyond!

With Brisbane City Celebrants

Brisbane City Celebrants inclusions are incredibly thorough, comprehensive and relevant. We don’t cut corners, and do everything possible to ensure an easy enjoyable, professional ceremony planning process and a smoothly flowing ceremony on the day that is truly reflective of each couple.

From providing our couples with a draft ceremony script within days of the booking being confirmed, to calling the couple the day before to re-confirm all the finer details and providing an informative guide about the name change process.

As a recent bride commented in her 5 star review “everything was thought through, nothing was left to guess or chance”.

With Brisbane City Celebrants here’s what you get:

– Modern, passionate, professional experienced Marriage Celebrants;

– Specialising in modern, simple and meaningful and fun light hearted wedding ceremonies;

– Choice of female or male Marriage Celebrant (subject to availability);

– As experienced and popular Brisbane Celebrants we have a wealth of ideas and can offer great tips and advice to ensure a thoroughly enjoyable and perfectly conducted wedding ceremony;

Female and Male Brisbane Celebrants

Female and Male Brisbane Celebrants. Image: Maz Photography

– We provide our couples with their personalised draft ceremony within days of the initial meeting and booking being made. To put this in to perspective, many Celebrants provide their couples with their ceremony a week or so before the wedding not giving hem time to absorb, it review it and make changes (some don’t even give clients an opportunity to review and approve the ceremony at all before the day). We ensure our couples have ample opportunity to review, add and customise their ceremony, and all our couples get to approve the final ceremony before the special day so they know exactly what to expect on the day with no unwanted or awkward surprises;

– Flexibility to perform your ceremony the way you want it: Our motto is ‘Your Day – Your Way’;

We have both had the great benefit of years of Celebrant mentoring by the most highly perfectionist, knowledgeable and honest critic there is – each other! Most Celebrants don’t get any mentoring so they have no idea what are they are doing wrong or how to improve;

This has enabled us to really excel with creating, coordinating and delivering our ceremonies, ensuring all the finer details are carefully thought through and everything goes incredibly smoothly on the day;

We are full of great ideas of ways to best include children of different ages in your wedding ceremony;

– Being closer to the age of our couples than the average Celebrant, our couples often tell us that they feel we really ‘get’ them and that we are on the same page as them;

– Initial Meeting: where we get to know each other, discuss the kind of ceremony you have in mind, for the convenience of our couples, this usually takes place on a Sunday morning or weekday evening;

– Unlimited email contact and ceremony script revisions;

– We guide you through the legal process and documents and ensure all the legal requirements are adhered to;

– We provide our couples with a wedding vow writing worksheet to assist them in writing their own vows if they wish to do so;

– We provide our couples with a detailed ‘Ceremony Run Sheet’ so they know exactly what to expect on the day, putting them and your bridal party at ease and ensuring everything goes smoothly on the day;

– We work with your photographer/ videographer to ensure they have plenty of opportunity to capture special moments including the rings exchange, the first kiss and signing of the register (without us in the way, no one wants their Celebrant ‘photo bombing’ the first kiss as husband and wife!);

– We dress appropriately on the day, usually in business attire, or as agreed with you during our initial meeting. We will happily adhere to a black tie dress code for black tie weddings;

– On the day of the wedding we arrive early to set up, confirm everything is in place and the venue is ready and in order for the brides arrival;

– We assist with the coordination and seating of guests on the day so when you arrive everyone is ready;

– We love being Celebrants and we love celebrating love! we are always friendly and courteous to your guests and vendors;

– As a requirement by the Attorney General, we advise all our couples of pre marital counselling services, this is not compulsory to attend;

– Just in case, we even provide a back up Celebrant service so in the unlikely event of an emergency you could expect exactly the same ceremony and professional service, as planned to be delivered on the day;

– Use of highly professional top of the range PA System if it’s required on the day. We have an awesome top of the range PA System which is compliant with the 2015 bandwidth requirements. With wireless microphones, our PA Systems don’t require power so they are perfect for Brisbane park and Brisbane rotunda wedding ceremonies and you can even utilise these to play your ceremony music if you wish;

– You will receive your presentation marriage certificate on the day and we lodge the marriage documents with the registry by registered post the very next business day after your marriage has taken place;

Wedding at Luxury Private Residence with Brisbane Celebrant Jamie Eastgate

Wedding with Brisbane Celebrant Jamie Eastgate. Image by Andrew Sun Photography

– We provide all our clients with an email notification the day their marriage documents are lodged with the marriage registry for your peace of mind;

– We clearly outline the process of changing your name through marriage and after your wedding has taken place we provide you with a change of name check list of who to contact if the bride wishes to take the grooms surname (or vice versa) we even offer to submit the application for your ‘registry issued marriage certificate’ to births, deaths and marriages for you on your behalf, making the name change process a whole lot easier for you;

– We are completely transparent about our prices and inclusions and we are one of the few Brisbane Celebrants that is happy to have our Celebrant pricing openly available on our website. We are proud to offer an exceptional service at a very reasonable price so why hide it!

– We are centrally located in inner West Brisbane at Indooroopilly and primarily perform weddings in Brisbane, so you can rest assure we have performed hundreds of weddings throughout Brisbane and know the quirks and inclusions of every ceremony location well.

– We are passionate about delivering genuine, meaningful and thoroughly enjoyable ceremonies that every one present loves!

– We are thrilled to each be amongst Brisbane’s most highly recommended Celebrants.

Brisbane Celebrant Ciara Hodge. Image: Vellum Studios

Brisbane Celebrant Ciara Hodge.
Image: Vellum Studios

and here’s what you DON’T get:

– We won’t arrive to perform your wedding wearing inappropriate or bright colours that detract or clash with your whole theme (much to the wedding photographers relief also!) likewise we also don’t over match and wear the same colour as your bridesmaids;

– We won’t be late;

– We won’t mumble through the ceremony, or deliver the ceremony in the tone reminiscent to that of a funeral, instead we take great pride in delivering a strong well projected engaging ceremony and we love to see all the smiling happy guests looking back at us as we deliver the ceremony. We believe that wedding ceremonies are a celebration and that’s the vibe we will create! we also believe a wedding shouldn’t be a dreaded nerve wracking experience, it should be thoroughly enjoyable and special for everyone present;

– We won’t give you an old fashioned ceremony that goes on for too long and is full of icky words like ‘obey’ ‘rejoyce’ and ‘joyousness’ we will give you the option to edit the provided ceremony and remove or change any of the ceremony wording that you wish to change (with the exception of the legal wording) if you are feeling nervous about standing in front of all your guests and would prefer your ceremony to be short and sweet we will tailor a simple and meaningful ceremony for you ensuring all your ideas and requirements are incorporated;

Fun Brisbane Celebrants!

Modern Brisbane Celebrants! Image Maz Photography

– We don’t make you to do any pre marital counselling (however we do advise you that it is available to you and recommended by the Attorney Generals office);

– We wouldn’t dream of being rude to your guests, conversely we do our best to make everyone welcome as they arrive;

– We are true professionals and you won’t catch us wearing sunglasses throughout the ceremony…. like our Celebrant did!

– We won’t leave the guests chatting at the back or propping up the bar for your arrival, we do everything we can to have them seated and in their places in time for the arrival of the bride;

– We won’t get in the way of the photographer trying to get their shot, we believe it is really important to work together with your photographer/ videographer.

– We LOVE weddings, however we never expect to be invited to your reception, we believe this is your special time with your family and friends. Besides we are one of those ‘couple-ley’ couples that like to do everything together (like both becoming Celebrants!)

Thank you for getting to know us, ready to meet? We would LOVE to hear from you. Contact Us.