Grooms taking brides surnames

Grooms taking brides surnames, is this a new wedding trend?

With Brisbane City Celebrants

MX Newspaper contacted Brisbane City Celebrants with this question and here’s what we told them.

Approximately 30% of our brides plan to keep their own last name in favour of changing it to their husbands surname.

However we are often contacted by these brides a year or 2 down the track requesting to be reminded of the name change process, as they have had a change of heart and are ready for a change of surname.

One newlywed surprised her husband on their first wedding anniversary with his surname now her surname too.

While the majority of our brides that decide against taking their grooms last name, will commence life as husband and wife with their existing names, a number of grooms have decided to legally adopt their wife’s last name.

MX Newspaper were particularly interested to hear the reasons for this, the most common reasons Brisbane City Celebrants have encountered include:

– With the huge shift in weddings for brides and grooms to do it ‘their way’ and defy tradition, the tradition averse and equality pro couples are simply doing it their way.

– Grooms may have a surname they aren’t too fond of or the brides surname may simply be considered to be a better name by the couple.

– Grooms choosing to disassociate them self and any future children from an absent father, or a father that they choose not to continue the name of.

Thanks to Kellie from MX Newspaper for raising this interesting point and for asking for Brisbane City Celebrants input.

MX Newspaper interview with Brisbane City Celebrants

MX Newspaper interview with Brisbane City Celebrants

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